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马云全 英文演讲谈杭州和G20


Hangzhou is lucky enough to be one of the first group of cities open to the world.

杭州有幸能够成为(中国)首批向 世界开放的城市。杭州有幸能够成为(中国)首批向 世界开放的城市。

Because Nixon and Mao Zedong signed the Agreement.

这源于 尼克松和毛泽东推动签署的中美《联合公报》。

So they made Hangzhou open to the world.

是他们 的努力让杭州向世界敞开了大门。

1972, when Mao Zedong and President Nixon had decided to make China and USA agree to work together to be the bright futre.

1972年,毛泽东与(时任)美国总 统尼克松达成共识,中美将 携手开创美好未来。

Both leaders actually had a lot of wonderful negociations done in Hangzhou.

实际上,两国领 导人之间大量的友好磋商是在杭州进行的。

The document was made in Hangzhou and announced in Shanghai.

而《联合公报》也是在 杭州起草并最终在上海发布。

This is historically the meaningful...... a very meaningful city, a great city that made the West and the East meet together, made the great leaders of the East and the West sit down together and discuss for the future.

这是一 座富有历史意义的城市,一座让 东西交融的城市。让东方 和西方的领导人们坐在一起,共商未来。


I think this G20 Meeting has high expectations from the world. Especially at this moment of the world economy.

我认为全球对这次G20峰会抱有很高期望。尤其是 对当下的世界经济而言。

A lot people don't like globalization.


And I personally believe globalization is a great thing for the world.[/en

而我认 为全球化对世界而言是一件伟大的事情。

The only thing is that: how we can improve globalization to enable more small business, more young people to get involved.

唯一的 问题是要如何提升全球化来让更多中小企业和更多年轻人参与其中。

What if we can use a new mechanism, a new technology to enable 1 billion, or 2 billion, or 3 billion people to do trade.

如果我 们用新机制和新技术让10亿人、20亿人、30亿人,甚至更 多的人参与全球贸易,那会怎样?

EWTP - Electronic World Trade Platform

I think the EWTP should be sponsored and enforced by the business,and supported by the government.

我认为EWTP应该由 企业发起和主导,同时由 政府来提供支持。

If we can build up a platform that can enable small business and young people to do a free trade in a open...... a fair trade globally.

因此,如果我 们可以打造出一个平台,让中小企业、年轻人 能够在全球进行自由、开放和公平的贸易。

This's gonna be very foundamental for the next 20 or 30 years of World Economy and for the century.

这会让 全球经济在未来20年或30年,甚至在 本世纪发生根本性的变化。

And I think we are very proud to get involved for this G20 and B20 for our ideas.

我们很 高兴能够参加此次G20和B20峰会并 发出这样的倡议。

It is an idea and we'll continue to work, to move forward by this great event.

这是一个设想,我们将 继续通过这一盛会来推进。

阿里巴 巴为何把总部设在杭州

People keep on asking me why Alibaba is not in Beijing, why not in Shanghai. (But) in Hangzhou.

人们总是在问我,阿里巴 巴为什么不把总部放在北京或者上海,而是在杭州。

Not because it is a city that is my hometown.

是因为 这座城市不仅是我的家乡。

Because this city has entrepreneurship. It's so friendly to private sectors.


And people here are well educated.

更聚集 了大量的优秀人才。

Beijing, at that time, the government there, the people there, they like SOE - the State Owned Business.


Shanghai, they like multi-national companies.


In our city, we like entrepreneurship.

而我们 所在的这个城市喜欢创业精神。

We like people from nothing, building it up.


So I think we got great talents.


We got good environment.


And we got the great culture, that, fighting for the future.

更有为 未来拼搏的伟大文化。

杭州助 力推动中国新经济

We are a pretty small city with only close to 9 million people.


But Hangzhou is so powerful, so influential to China Economy, to China Culture. 但杭州 却对中国经济与中国文化有着巨大的影响力。

Because in Song Dynasty, 1000 years ago, we were the capital of China.


And at that time we were the most splendid and prosperous city in China.


Hangzhou, today, has become the driving force of China New Economy because of e-commerce, because of Alibaba.

今天,杭州已 经成为中国新经济的推动力量,这得益 于电子商务的发展。

We are now more than 70% of the e-commerce in China.

阿里巴巴发展至今,在中国 的电子商务领域已有超过70%的市场份额。

We creat more than 3 trillion RMB which is close to 500 billion US dollars, GMV.

一年创 造的商品交易总额(GMV)超过了3万亿人民币,也就是接近5000亿美元。

That really pumped up the Chinese domestic demanding.

这确确 实实提振了中国的内需市场。

And because of the e-commerce development, the Internet development, there are a lot of young people who are interested in e-commerce, interested in Internet business. They all come to the city.

由于电子商务的发展、城市互联网的发展,许多对 电子商务和互联网感兴趣的年轻人纷至沓来。

This city has become the center of inspiration, the center of innovation and the center of the "New Economy Entrepreneurship".

这座城 市已经成为灵感中心、创新中 心和新经济中心。

Because of the G20 and B20, I want Hangzhou to be a city more friendly to the world.

通过G20峰会和B20峰会,我希望 杭州成为一座对世界更友好的城市。

And people coming here bring new ideas and benefit from this culture and understand China better.

参会的 嘉宾会带来新的理念,也能从 这种城市的文明中更好地了解中国。

I feel so proud of city. that, no matter, wherever in the world I go I always miss it.

我为杭州感到骄傲,无论我 走到世界的哪个角落,我总是会想念它。

You know, every 10 days, 15 days, I wanna be back.


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